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Rokko Beer White “DAIDAI” Ale


International Beer Competition “Country Winner” Winner! 
World Beer Awards 2021 White Belgian Division Domestic Highest Award Winner!

<Style> White Ale

A white ale style that uses Kobe wheat, wheat malt, and Tokushima Daidai. It features a smooth mouthfeel with a refreshing sweet citrus scent and a spicy aftertaste of coriander.

Alcohol content: 5%
Contents: 350ml
Ingredients: Malt, oats, hops, sugars, wheat, orange peel, coriander
Storage method: Refrigerate or cool place
Drinking temperature: 6 degrees to 10 degrees

[sharp] ★★★☆☆

[ Rich] ★★★☆☆

[Aroma] ★★★★★

[Bitterness] ★★★☆☆

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Rokko Beer White “DAIDAI” Ale


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