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Peacock Flour, Nishio Seifun (for cakes)

ピーコック 菓子用粉(最高級薄力粉)

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A product of Aichi, Japan. Peacock grade flour, produced by Nishio Seifun (西尾製粉).

Suitable for cakes, cookies, pastry items that require low gluten flour.

The finest soft flour. This is a soft flour for cakes and cookies, which is a typical cake with fine grain size and low mass. It is also ideal as the finest castella, sponge cake, cookie, or finest tempura flour.

Available in 1kg | 2kg bag.

Storage: After opening, store in an airtight container in a cool, dark area.

Best by 2 years from the packaging date.


Peacock Flour, Nishio Seifun (for cakes)

From S$6.55

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