Ice Cheese Tarts Promotion

10 ice cheese tarts for $32 (In-store purchase only, price subject to GST)

For larger quantities, save up to 20%

50 ice cheese tarts or more at $3.30 each

100 ice cheese tarts or more at $3.10 each

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Flor Vouchers

1. Flor’s cake vouchers are the perfect gift for friends. Be it as a thank you for attending baby’s first month, a gift for your wedding guests or if you just feel a little generous.

How it works?

1. Purchase any number of vouchers from us at the value of the item you wish to buy.

2. Present them to your friends

3. Your friends will be able to redeem their cake from us at any of the outlets convenient to them

terms and conditions apply. email us at to find out more and purchase.

2. Flor Cash Vouchers of  $10 value


Enjoy discounts with the following credit card.

JCB – 5%

Terms and Conditions Apply. See in-store for details.